Steam Dewaxer
This is new compact Steam Dewaxer, simple and easy operation.
Steam Dewaxing offers higher wax recovery than Dewaxing in a wax burnout    furnace. The savings will easily amortize steamer and reduce operating cost.
Removes up to 95% of wax from invested flask, recovered wax can be filtered and reused.
Built in one hour automatic on/off timer switch.
Steam Dewaxing reduces corrosive and toxic fumes generation during wax burn out cycle, Prolonging burnout furnace life and providing for friendlier environments and healthier working conditions.
Has a capacity of eight Pcs. of  4”x8” perforated flask.
Help reduce casting porosity caused by the penetration of residual carbon into your investment walls during wax incineration.
Capacity can be made as per customer’s  requirement.
Insulated stainless steel walle chamber provides for lower energy consumption.
Product name
Steam Dewaxer Weight : 16 kg/Pieces